Snacks Machines  

Ishida's snacks product range includes packaging equipment for handling and packing a wide range of packaging solutions, from bags and trays to cartons and boxes. As a result, we can supply weighing and packaging equipment for almost any application.

Our bagmaker speeds range from 90-300 bags per minute. As well as gusset, block bottom, pillow and strip packs, they are capable of packing snacks into a variety of other pack types.

Ishida has also developed a specialist multihead weigher for salt sticks.

As well as bagmakers, integrated weighing and bagging systems, our portfolio includes many other products such as box collators, product elevators and distribution systems that enables Ishida to provide integrated solutions that improve line speed, manufacturing efficiency and pack presentation.


Ishida Europe’s packaging systems include arange of vertical fill-form-seal bagmakers exclusively for the snack food industry. We can produce many bag formats, including pillow, block-bottom and gable-top.

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Strip-pack Applicators

Strip-Pack is an innovative packaging system for the production of ready-to-display flexible bags. Ideal for small bags which are shown at the point of sale such as nuts, crisps and other snacks, Strip-Pack is an attractive retail display option which requires minimal shelf space

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